What is PbP?

PuzzledbyPolicy (PbP) aims to provide all citizens with a unique portal to learn about policy at the EU level and find out what particular policies mean to them on the national level, so they can contribute to policy drafting and impact assessments. PbP will help also decision makers at both the national & European level better understand the impact of their policies through citizen feedback.

How is PbP funded?

PbP is an eParticipation project which is funded by the ICT Policy Support Programme.

What is Policy Profiler?

Policy Profiler is a Web based tool which gives you the opportunity to find out about your preferences within the policy field of immigration. It allows you to compare your position- in an easy to understand, graphical and informative way – with existing policy making.

What is u-debate?

u-debate is a web based tool enabling organized and therefore more effective on-line discussions among participants with common interests on various subjects. It offers users the capability to enter specific types of posting in online discussions e.g. problems-issues, or possible alternative solutions to a problem-issue that the same or another user has entered, or even advantages-disadvantages of a solution that the same or another user has entered, etc.

What is the PbP Widget?

The PbP Widget works as a small website and aims the dissemination of the main two tools of the PbP Platform, namely the PP questionnaire and u-debate, across Europe. Therefore, this viral distribution of the platform will elevate the level of ePariticipation among citizens in Europe in the policy formation process. Using the Beemboard Widget Syndication Platform, the distribution service of the PbP widget serves to create a network of users through several destinations such as social network sites, personalised start pages and blogs and websites.